Below, yogi's & yogini's in Burundi singing the Kirundi version of Long Time Sun Shine song

Richard is one of the first certified Kundalini Yoga teachers in Nairobi, Kenya (Feb 2015).

In this video he expresses what the training brought to him and what KY will bring to the Kenyan community.

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Italian KY community of Caserta helps the KY sangat in Burundi to keep the spirits high ! read more


Yoga in Africa

Strange ?


In video below you see how young people in Burundi became Yoga Teachers.



Sat Nam, Welcome, Karibu, Bienvenue, Welkom, Willkommen,

Level I trainings in Burundi and Kenya are an amazing journey of personal growth for many students resulting in a growing number of regular Kundalini Yoga classes on the African continent enjoyed by many more enthousiastic African Yogi's !


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YT4A is a non-profit organization created to support the Training of Kundalini Yoga Teachers in Africa. The technology of Kundalini Yoga is universal. It is easy to apply and powerful. It has brought light to many lives. Also in Africa it can be of great help, certainly in areas where other healing methods are not readily available. African KY students are eager to become teachers so they can share their positive experiences. They reach out to their communities to serve as KY teachers ... from the heart !

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Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is an ancient and complete form of spiritual practice that leads to more health, clarity and joy in life. It is universal and applies to people of all races, tribes, religions, ages and genders. It uses breathing exercises, postures, movements, meditations and chanting. This makes it fun, powerful and effective. The use of mantra’s is very specific to Kundalini yoga. It balances and liberates the mind so we can be more present to serve where needed and bring peace and kindness to our communities.

Serving your community is essential to a KY teacher. In Burundi Kundalini Yoga teachers bring light in the lives of victims of the war. Click here to read this testimonial.

Workshops in Ethiopia Feb & Jun 2016

in Tulsi Ayurvedic Center - Addis Ababa

challenging kriya's ... shining faces ...


Retreat May 2016 in Nairobi

in Kitengela Glass House

Sharing breakfast with baboons, chants with roaring lions and hearts with nature and beauty ...

Kenya Feb 2016

Community meeting

Theatre Company Nairobi


Dec 2015 Nairobi Kenya


Kristin, Charles, Kabura, John, Alexandra, Fred got their Level I teacher training certification ...


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The KY community in Burundi shine their light through yoga and meditation during a 2 day retreat. Nov 2015

Nairobi Dec 2016

Kenyan KY teachers working on

the 'new YT4A’

'Your Training 4 Awakening’

that will be launched end 2017

2 Yoga Teacher 4 Africa teachers serving at Sikh Youth Camp in Kericho Kenya

11 – 19 Dec 2016

Support our project and help to realize Nelson Mandela's dream !

"I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself"


Still a long way to go... but, every step in that direction is a good one ...

African youngsters practicing Kundalini Yoga know it helps to fulfill this dream. They experienced this yoga gives them efficient and simple effective tools to improve their life situation.

YT4A wants to broaden the access to this powerful universal technology. Through YT4A scholarships disadvantaged youngsters can participate in local Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings. As teachers they will reach out to their communities to spread these effective techniques to the benifit of all.

The more teachers we train, the more this ancient technology will spread throughout the African continent to uplift people and give them the power to make the best of their lives …

More info ? : mail to ravinder@yogateachers4africa.com

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